Movie Wreckage DestinyAlliancecover

Cold, distant, quiet. Wreckage is the counterpart to the hot-wired Brawl. Deliberate and methodical in his attacks, he enjoys watching his foe squirm in agony as his twin swords cut deep below their armor. Circuits popping and vital processors sizzling to uselessness are the music he longs to make, and none of the Decepticons can argue with his taste for making Autobots suffer.

Even though he’s an avid supporter of Megatron, and he’s been involved in his share of Decepticon victories, he’s not considered to be one of their more reliable or trustworthy soldiers. He has a bad habit of caving under pressure, which makes him a poor candidate for leading missions. And all things considered, that’s not going to clear up any time soon. But that doesn’t stop him from thinking he deserves to be Megatron’s right-hand man more than Starscream.