ReignofStarscream5 Wingblade

Wingblade is second only to Ironhide in number of confirmed Decepticon kills, and that's only because Ironhide is older. When he's not hunting Decepticons, he's training in combat or working on new weapons and maintaining his equipment in preparation for combat. He even keeps a lengthy database of alternate vehicle modes to change into so he can be as efficiently deadly as possible in any form. He is meticulous about keeping not only keeping his vast arsenal in perfect working order, but keeping his body panels clean and damage-free.

However, since he spends all his spare time preparing for his next mission, his fellow Autobots are a little worried that he simply doesn't know how to live outside of the battlefield. Plus, he never has anything to say unless he's acknowledging orders. Most of Wingblade's allies are convinced that if the war ever ended, he'd simply shut down and wait for a new one to start, which Wingblade doesn't deny. But at least he's in good company.

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