First Appearance: Transformers: Reign of Starscream comic
Appearances: Transformers: Reign of Starscream comic
Last Appearance: Transformers: Reign of Starscream comic
Species: Cybertronian
Allegiance: Decepticon
Alternate Modes: Attack helicopter
Status: Destroyed

Vortex is the resident interrogator of the Combaticons. As an aerial soldier, he is cruel, merciless and unrelenting in his attacks. But it's when he gets his hands on captive Autobots that he really gets nasty. Once they're in his clutches, he takes a passionate, sadistic glee in brutally cutting them apart. Actually questioning them is a secondary concern.

Sometimes, he merges with his fellow Combaticons into the mighty Bruticus Maximus.

IDW ComicsEdit

Vortex was a Decepticon under the command of Starscream as he constructed a new AllSpark. When Arcee destroyed the newly built cube, Vortex leapt into action to draw his pals' attention to the sniper... just in time to get shot through the chest.



Revenge of the FallenEdit

Universe-ROTF-toy Vortex
  • Bruticus Maximus (2009)
    • Accessories: Quad blaster (hand/foot), Decepticon-type energon star
Revenge of the Fallen Vortex is a redeco of Energon Blackout and Stormcloud, transforming into an assault helicopter somewhat similar to an AH-1 Cobra. He was available with the Revenge of the Fallen Bruticus Maximus giftset, and when combined with the other Combaticons, Vortex forms a limb. "V-1" is tampographed on the right side of his cockpit.
The mold was also redecoed into Classics Topspin and Revenge of the Fallen Swindle. Revenge of the Fallen Vortex and Swindle were also sold in the Universe line as Generation 1 Vortex and Swindle. Another planned redeco, Reverb, was canceled.