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Welcome to the Transformers Movie WikiEdit

Welcome to Transformers Movie Wiki, a wiki covering Michael Bay's Transformers film series.

Transformers: Age Of Extinction (2014 Film) Official Information:Edit

Director: Michael Bay.

Music Composed By: Steve Jablonsky.

Producer: Hasbro.

Photography: Amir Mokri.

Editor: William Goldenberg.

Actors And Characters:Edit

Mark Wahlberg: Cade Yeager.

Nicola Peltz: Tessa Yeager.

Stanley Tucci: Joshua.

Abigail Klein: Joshuas Jr. Assistant.

T.J. Miller: Lucas.

Kelsey Grammer: Harold Attinger.

Sophia Myles: Darcy.

Peter Cullen: Optimus Prime.

Titus Welliver: Savoy.

Bingbing Li: Su Yueming.

Jack Reynor: Shane.

Victoria Summer: Joshuas Executive Assistant.

Cleo King: Realtor.

Longer:166 minutes.

Toys And GamesEdit


left the first Transformers toy: Age Of Extinction Hasbro brand. It was confirmed that has already left the first movie toy to Voyager style, thats Optimus Prime:

       The first video game of Transformers Age Of Extinction Xbox 360:

Latest activityEdit

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