Voiced by: Frank Welker
First Appearance: Transformers: Dark of the Moon
Appearances: Transformers: Dark of the Moon
Transformers: Age of Extinction
Last Appearance: Transformers: Age of Extinction
Species: Cybertronian
Allegiance: Decepticon
Rank: Scientist
Status: Destroyed

Shockwave is a peerless Decepticon scientist with deadly efficiency and a cold devotion to logic. He is also one of the deadliest Decepticon assasins that Megatron has at his disposal.



Shockwave and his Driller in Chernobyl

When the Autobots were summoned to the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant by Alexi Voskhod, Shockwave and his pet Driller attacked them (as an act of misdirection to ensure that the Autobots did not realize that the Decepticons actually wanted them to find the fuel cell from the Ark located within Chernobyl). After Optimus retrieved the fuel cell from the Driller, Shockwave emerged from it to reveal himself to Optimus, before he and his Driller retreated back underground. Shockwave later participated in the Decepticon invasion of Chicago. When Optimus Prime and the Autobots infiltrated the Decepticon-occupied city, Shockwave and his Driller emerged from beneath the convoy of Autobots, and the Driller separated Optimus from his trailer.

Shockwave in Chicago

Shockwave left the Driller and proceeded to track down the Autobots. The Wreckers were sent to distract him, peppering his armor with fire from their machine guns. He used a car as a shield and fired at them, and once they drove off he menacingly began to pursue them down the road, missing the two small Autobots, Wheelie and Brains, who quickly fled.

Later, when Shockwave noticed humans inside a building (from a falling desk that narrowly missed him), he sent his Driller to destroy the building and kill Sam, Epps and their group. However the Driller was killed by Optimus Prime using his flight gear, and Shockwave, enraged by the death of his pet, opened fire on Optimus, briefly disabling him and taking him out of the fight.

He soon joined Soundwave and Barricade to round up the other Autobots. Brains and Wheelie forestalled the Decepticon's from further executing their prisoners by taking control of a Decepticon gunship, and dropping fighters onto the battlefield. Shockwave retreated further away with Barricade and some other Decepticons.

Shockwave and Optimus battle

However, the human soldiers had set a trap, and while firing at them, Shockwave was disoriented when one of their parachutes fell on him. His eye was then shot out, causing it to dangle by its wires. Optimus Prime then came charging back into the battle, and when Shockwave fired at him, the Autobot leader dodged the shot, and punched Shockwave with a spiked fist, shattering his abdomen.

Even this did not put Shockwave down, but Prime did not let up - he punched Shockwave again, pinned the Decepticon down and tore his dangling eye out through his throat, killing Shockwave. Optimus then used Shockwave's cannon to shoot out the control pillar set up in the city.

After his death at the hands of optimus prime shockwaves body disassembled by ksi and they use his body into a two headed drone that was led by galvatron to steal the seed but during the battle the two headed shockwave was killed by lockdowns grenade which kills him and the rest of the drones except for galvatron.

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  • When Skids and Mudflap are being sucked up by Devastator in Revenge of the Fallen, the photo on the newspaper article is of a Transformers that bears a strong resemblance to Shockwave's Generation 1 counterpart.
  • Shockwave was heavily touted as the new main villain prior to the release of Dark of the Moon, presumably in an attempt to conceal Sentinel Prime's unexpected betrayal.
  • Hasbro's online bio for Shockwave claims he had spent decades trapped under Chernobyl, but this was not reflected in any actual media; both the video game and the Rising Storm comics depict that he was held at a Russian facility from which he was freed shortly before the film's events, and the film itself doesn't give any indication that his appearance at Chernobyl in its opening scenes is an "escape" of any kind.
  • Although Shockwave's toy transforms into a Cybertronian tank, this alt mode is never seen in the live-action movie nor the video game.
  • While Shockwave's weapon of choice is described as a particle or laser cannon in most related Dark of the Moon media, it appears to be some variety of cluster missile launcher in the movie proper.
  • In the Transformers: Dark of the Moon video game, Shockwave was cryogenically frozen in a secret Decepticon base.
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