I'm small, but I at least have a toy !

Movie Plot

Scrapper is first seen in Revenge Of The Fallen on a cargo ship along with Mixmaster, Scrapmetal, Long Haul and Skipjack, who had disguised themselves as construction vehicles. Ravage soon joined up with them on a mission to Resurrect Megatron from the Abyss. But Scrapper instead stayed on the ship, because he wasn't needed for the mission.

Later, During the Battle Of Egypt, A decepticon that had a similar body type to Starscream, (Maybe Thundercracker ?) ordered Long Haul Scrapper, and Protoform Decepticons to Search for Sam and Mikeala. Soon, Starscream discovered where Sam And Mikeala where hiding. While Starscream was busy destroying the house, Sam and Mikeala escaped while Scrapper attempted to crush them with his Hand Club, But he wasn't lucky. Later, with the NEST Airstrike Commanded, Military Jets Bombed The Decepticons, Blowing them to Smithreens, Including Scrapper. Thus, Scrapper died.

Dark Of The Moon

A Scrapper Clone is seen Fighting the humans, but he is stabbed in the chest and killed by Optimus Prime.


Scrapper did not come with a Voyager class toy, but he still has toys.

  1. Revenge Of The Fallen Legends Class Scrapper (2009)

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