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  1. Scrapmetal was a Decepticon who served as a Constructicon.

Movie Plot

After Ravage Retrieved The Shard From Diego Garcia's NEST Base, Ravage Joined With a Scrapmetal clone, Mixmaster, Long Haul and Skipjack, who diguised them selves as construction vehicles on a cargo ship. They dived into the abyss, where megatrons body laid. They eventually reached the bottom of the abyss, Where Ravage Ejected Scalpel. After Examining Megatrons Corpse, Scalpel Declared that he needed parts for Megtarons Alt Mode to be a Cybertronian Aircraft With Capabilities Of Flying, he ordered Mixmaster And Longhaul To Kill the Scrapmetal clone For parts. Mixmaster and Longhaul Tore off most of his parts, (assumably killing him.) Scalpel then revived Megatron as his Alt mode was A Cybertronian Aircraft, which was what he wanted. I guess it's okay since that was a Scrapmetal clone that probably didn't like Mixmaster and Longhaul And Scalpel anyway. It is unknown if the real Scrapmetal is dead or alive.


  1. Although Scalpel refers to Scrapmetal As "Ze little one," Scrapmetal Is in fact, bigger than all of the constructicons. He may as well be their same height. Scalpel may be referring "Ze little One" as a name referring to Weak, Useless, Or Lazy. There is a chance that Scrapmetal may be not be tall, as his appearance in the water may make him look big. This is likely since when he is seen diving into the abyss with Mixmaster, Longhaul and Rampage, And Ravage, He appears small, so he is likely smaller.
  2. As Scrapmetal Does Not Have A Normal Voyager Class Toy from The Revenge Of The Fallen Toyline, unlike the other toys, In 2010, There was a Cancelled Transformers Action Figure Toy Figure Pack Known As "Megatron Rising" Which included toys of the Decepticons That Brought back Megatron in the abyss from revenge of the fallen. (Except Scalpel And Ravage.)The pack included a Dar Green Revenge Of The Fallen Voyager Class Megatron and a Legends Class Mixmaster, Longhaul, Rampage, and a Red Repaint Of Legends Class Scrapper. The Red Scrapper is assumed to be Scrapmetal. As Scrapper is not at all seen in The abyss with the construticons in the second film. However, on the back of the toy pack, the Red Repaint Of the Legends Class Scrapper was said to have been just Scrapper, not Scrapmetal. This is likely due to the fact that Scrapmetal did not have a Sold Toy In Stores With Revenge Of The Fallen Toys. The Legends Class Rampage is also known as just Rampage, Not Skipjack From The Movie, According To the Toy Pack.