Scattorshot spends a lot of time carefully planning out any battle tactics he and his teammates can use, and only expects as much time for careful planning and thoughtful action from the Decepticons. Unfortunately, true to their nature, they tend to specialize in surprise attacks or causing just plain random chaos more than anything else, which bugs the heck out of Scattorshot. In fact, nothing upsets him more than the chaos of unplanned battle.

However, he still can't help but get his kicks out of peppering the air around Divebomb, the latest Decepticon to interrupt his contemplative strategizing, with all the artillery at his disposal. And that's a LOT of artillery. Unfortunately for Scattorshot, he does not realize that the slow and clumsy Decepticon he's using for target practice is just a diversion for an even more duplicitous attack by another...

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