Rampage was a Decepticon who served as a Constructicon. Rampage formed part of a leg from the Decepticon Combiner, Devastator.

History Edit

Rampage was on a ship in the ocean when he and the other constructions, along with Ravage, had to descend to the Marina Trench to resurrect Megatron. He and the others were ordered by Scalpel to "kill ze little one", to which they promptly ripped Scrapmetal apart, providing parts for the resurrection of Megatron. Revived, Megatron emerged from the ocean.

Rampage joined the Decepticons in Egypt, where he met with Scavenger, Scrapper, Long Haul, Overload, Hightower and Mixmaster. They were found by Seymour Simmons and the Autobots Mudflap and Skids. They then all combined into Devastator. After sucking Mudflap inside itself, the Autobot punched his way out of Devasgators eye. Devastator then went to the Pyramind of Giza, and unearthed the Star Harvester. On order from Simmons, the U.S.S Kidd fired its Railgun, which struck Devastator, who fell from the pyramind, killing all its components.

Errors and misconceptions Edit

There are at least two 'bots of the same model: one is yellow and forms either the left leg or left foot of Devastator; the other is red and is sometimes called Skipjack which happens to be the same body-type.

Notes Edit

  • There has always been confusion over wether Rampage is the yellow truck, or the red one. While Rampage has been labeled to the yellow once in ROFT toys and mechendise, the red once has been named Rampage in the Studio Series line. For now, we see Rampgae as the yellow one who formed into Devastator, and Skipjack as the red knew, as more medi points to these classifications.
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