Ramjet bristles with high-tech weaponry, including an arsenal of deadly missiles and bombs as well as his lethal vibro-claws. He's all kinds of crazy and violent. Whereas other Decepticons do their fighting in grim silence, Ramjet simply blows everything around him to smithereens, laughing maniacally every step of the way, which is all Megatron asks out of him. But what he really loves to do is hit people with his head. The more he does this, the more his own cerebral circuitry gets rattled, and the better an idea it seems like next time.

Ramjet doesn't think very good.

Unlike his fellow Seeker Thundercracker, Ramjet can't really be trusted, and doesn't really believe in the Decepticon cause. An opportunist at heart, Ramjet's only in it for the power and favor, and he doesn't care who he has to shoot in the back to get it. However, not surprisingly, he's not really capable of being much of a schemer. In truth, he just simply sides with whoever he thinks has the bigger guns.

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