"Aw, this ain't right " - Mohawk, after being shot by Bumblebee

Small and slick, the knife-wielding Mohawk is a literal motorbike punk. As loyal as he is deadly, this Decepticon is always ready to cause some mayhem in service of Megatron. Sadly, Megatron does not reciprocate this loyalty.

History Edit

At some point, Mohawk was captured and inprisoned by the Transformers Reaction Force. He was freed as part of negotiation terms from Megatron, and met up with his leader to attack Cade Yeager and the Autobots at the Scrapyard. The place was near derserted, and Mohawk yelled that there was no one there.

Using a tracker placed on Bumblebee from the TRF, the Decepticons followed The Autobots to an abanoded town. Mowhawk lept up on a telegraph pole to look around. Megatron then found Sqweeks, which promted Izabella to Stand up to them. Cade then fired on the Cons, blasting them away, knocking Mohawk off the pole.

Megatron and Nitro Zeus left the others behind, as they had all died in the fight. Unbeknownst to Megatron, Mohawk survived te blast, and hopped around looking for his master. He was then found by Bumblebee, who fired at the con, blasting him apart and sending his head spinning across the floor, which continued to moan about the situation, until he shut off.