Long Haul

Long Haul (aka Big Green) wishes he could spend more time in battle, destroying his enemies with projectile weaponry. Instead, he often finds himself stuck in the role of pack mule among the Constructicons, lugging around the other Decepticons' gear. He finds this a highly loathsome task, so it isn't surprising that stuff left in his truck bed has a tendency to get lost in transit.

There are at least two clones with the same body-type and color scheme; the third clone has the same body-type but is yellow, a Long Haul clone and a Payload clone form part of both of Devastator's legs, while another clone saw action in Chicago. Also Long Haul's twin brother Onslaught's body is a tweaked version of Long Haul's body design. Also its possibly that when the air strike came it didn't kill long Haul completely, but his body was damaged, so he could have been retrieved by starscream or a random decepticon, and taken to Megatron's Africa camp and his spark was transfered into a little backpack and his head was removed from his offline body and turned into Igor, because in most concept arts for Megatron's Africa camp, you can spot Long Haul's body but it has no head, which means that Igor is Long Haul's head.