Long Haul was a hulking Decepticon and Constructicon, who could combine with his comrades to form Devastator.

History Edit

Long Haul's body type was one of the early "construction drones" used to build Star Harvesters. One of the Long Hauls joined The The Fallen's original Decepticons. It was him who discovered humans on Earth, remarking there were a number of these breakable creatures out there and remarking they weren't "tough like us". When Jetfireordered work on the harvester to be stopped, as they couldn't kill a living world, Long Haul told him to bog off.

Jetfire turned on the Fallen over this, and so the construction drones were ordered to take him out. Unfortunately for Long Haul, he got taken out. However, Long Haul lived, and remained hidden on Earth.

After the AllSpark shard was retrieved from NEST's secure bunker at Diego Garcia, Long Haul, Rampage, Mixmaster, Scalpel, Ravage and Scrapmetalsecreted themselves aboard the Bayos freighter heading towards the North Atlantic. Once the ship passed over the Laurentian Abyss, the Decepticons jumped overboard and dived down to where Megatron's broken body lay. Scalpel ordered the death of the smallest Constructicon to rebuild Megatron, a request that Long Haul and the others obliged with. Soon, Megatron was reborn!

Some time later, Long Haul and another Constructicon with the same body-type were present during Operation: Firestorm in Egypt. The other Long Haul and several other Constructicons waited in a quarry in their construction vehicle disguises until the humans Seymour Simmons, Leo Spitz and their Autobot guardians Skids and Mudflapapproached. The Constructicons combined into the mighty Devastator and attacked. 

Elsewhere, Long Haul joined Starscream and the other Decepticons in their search for Sam Witwicky and the Matrix of Leadership. Long Haul, being one of the biggest bots in the group, fought against the NEST forces in the Egyptian town near the great ruins of the pyramids, killing many soldiers and even shooting down a Jordanian helicopter. Meanwhile, Devastator had shrugged off the Autobot twins and was busy demolishing the Great Pyramid of Giza when Simmons called upon the United States Navy to attack Devastator. The U.S.S. Kidd fired her experimental rail gun, smashing one of his arms to pieces and destroying Devastator. Long Haul was destroyed soon after during the United States Air Force air strike on the remaining Decepticons.

Despite all this, Long Haul survived again, and joined Scrapper in the attack on Chicago with the other Decepticons. However, Optimus Prime soon began a mile long rampage, slashing along Long Haul apart as he flew though, this time, the con did not escape alive.

Notes Edit

  • Like all Constructicons, Long Haul has mulitple lookalikes who appear, one fighting in Eypt the same time as he was part of Devastator, and one (possibly the same one) in Chicago. All of these are written here.