[[Transformers: Age of Extinction|

Transformers: Age of Extinction

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Lockdown was a Decepticon who appears as the main antagonist in Transformers Age of Extinction. He is first seen hiding underwater watching humans attack Ratchet. He then shoots Ratchet in the chest. He asks him where Optimus Prime is, Rachet didn't tell him and Lockdown finished him by ripping out his spark killing him instantly. He is later seen attacking Optimus as he try's to escape the military. He is seen again when he attacks Optimus while he was fighting Galvatron. Lockdown captures Optimus, while he was aboard, Optimus ended up escaping without Lockdown knowing. He goes down to Hong Kong and battles with Optimus. During the fight he impales Optimus with his own sword and just as he is about to finish him, Bumblebee and Cade battle Lockdown as Tessa and Shane pull the sword out of Optimus. During this, Lockdown then takes down Bumblebee, and was going after Cade, but before he could kill him, Optimus stabbed him from behind when he didn't see it, and he was killed.

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