Voiced by: Mark Ryan
First Appearance: Transformers: Age of Extinction
Appearances: Transformers: Age of Extinction
Last Appearance: Transformers: Age of Extinction
Species: Cybertronian
Allegiance: Bounty Hunter, former Decepticon
Rank: Mercenary
Alternate Modes: Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4
Status: Destroyed
Stabbed in back by Optimus Prime
Lockdown is a Bounty Hunter or Decepticon from the live-action film series continuity family.
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Fiction Edit

Age of Extinction filmEdit

Lockdown first seen hiding underwater watching humans attack Ratchet. He then shoots Ratchet in the chest. He asks him where Optimus Prime is, Rachet didn't tell him and Lockdown finished him by ripping out his spark killing him instantly. He is later seen attacking Optimus as he try's to escape the military. He is seen again when he attacks Optimus while he was fighting Galvatron. Lockdown captures Optimus, while he was aboard, Optimus ended up escaping without Lockdown knowing. He goes down to Hong Kong and battles with Optimus. During the fight he impales Optimus with his own sword and just as he is about to finish him, Bumblebee and Cade battle Lockdown as Tessa and Shane pull the sword out of Optimus. During this, Lockdown then takes down Bumblebee, and was going after Cade, but before he could kill him, Optimus stabbed him from behind when he didn't see it, and he was killed.


Cyber Mission cartoonEdit

Lockdown was cruising the city streets when he was encountered by Ratchet, who had been alerted to Lockdown's presence by Optimus Prime due to their "violent history". For blocks, Lockdown fled Ratchet silently as the Autobot fired his EMP blaster until he transformed into robot mode and expressed his frustration. Finally, when Ratchet's EMP blaster failed him, Lockdown transformed as well. He mocked Ratchet for never being able to best him, knocked him around, and when the Autobot had had enough, the Decepticon bounty hunter stole Ratchet's EMP blaster as a memento. As Lockdown sped away, he wondered if he could fix Ratchet's faulty weapon. Later, Lockdown managed to evade Diego Garcia's security measures and sneak into Autobot Headquarters undetected. After cutting power to the facilities, he sneaked up behind Sideswipe in the target practice range. Ratchet's EMP blaster, attached to Lockdown's arm, was now in proper working order, and the bounty hunter vowed to also take Sideswipe's new sidearms. Lockdown was shocked when the EMP blaster was shot off his arm and out of his reach by Ratchet. Wounded, the Decepticon fled. Unfortunately for Lockdown, he retreated to the medical bay, where Ratchet's surgical tools restrained and sedated him. Later, Lockdown and Barricade confronted Ironhide. Looking to steal one of Ironhide's weapons, Lockdown took a missile instead, which blew up in his face. The explosion damaged his optics, so he fled.


IDW comicsEdit

Lockdown appears in Transformers: Nefarious. He was among the Transformers captured by the Initiative and mind-controlled into doing their bidding. When Optimus Prime and the Autobots assaulted the Initiative's mobile headquarters, the brainwashed Lockdown, Thrust, and another Transformer battled Bumblebee, Jolt, Dune Runner, and Knock Out. They were eventually subdued.

Unite for the UniverseEdit

Lockdown appears in "Bludgeon's Revenge". Lockdown was part of Starscream's small group who planned to apply Project: Unite to Decepticons. After reporting to Starscream that Skystalker had found that some Autobots were approaching their base in Greece, he moved out to attack them and cut down Breacher. His victory was short-lived, though, as he was swiftly defeated and captured by Sea Spray and Sideswipe.

Titan comicsEdit

Five years before the Battle of Chicago, Dark of the Moon has no explicit date but as Sam has graduated, it's set in 2012 at the earliest, Lockdown was part of a three-Con team with Drift and Knucklehead on Cybertron. While Drift wanted to take an Autobot outpost with minimal bloodshed, Lockdown thought this was sissy hippy crap and they should just bomb everything (even though that would mean having no outpost to capture); when they sneaked instead, he disobeyed orders and decided to execute prisoners out of hand. Drift stopped him, giving a gleeful Lockdown the chance to claim the guy was a traitor and kill him off. Knucklehead and Drift sent him down into a molten moat, swearing revenge on them both. Of course, he couldn't actually kill them while Megatron was still in charge, or the big boss would be unhappy. As well as being a Decepticon, Lockdown had a profitable sideline as a bounty hunter and hired killer. He claimed the bounty on the Coseem crime gang's boss. With a new body, he went to Earth soon after and ended up captured by NEST under unknown circumstances... only to become part of Bludgeon's 2010 jailbreak! He joined Bludgeon's splinter cell of Decepticons and took great pleasure in talking out all his "hurting" on Smokescreen. When the Autobots tracked down the Decepticon base in Russia, Lockdown was ordered to prepare an ambush for them. He loyally served Bludgeon in this until Megatron arrived, and then he not-so-loyally ran away. Near the end of the Battle of Chicago, Lockdown (now back in his old body!) immediately murdered Knucklehead as soon as Megatron died. Drift, now an Autobot, found the corpse on the moon and knew the hunter had become more powerful than before. Lockdown soon took control of the remaining Decepticon forces on Earth but kept himself out of the limelight. He oversaw an ambush in Indonesia: three Decepticons would kill a few hundred humans, getting the predictable Autobots to give chase and be ambushed at an old Netherlands fort. He watched as Crosshairs didn’t rush in head on and wiped out his team, but the Autobots remained unaware he was around so he was alright! He later left Earth to make some more cash bounty-hunting but was tricked into capturing Sojex, a Coseem hitwoman who took control of his ship and turned his own defences on him. He cut through them all and when attacked by scraplets, he quietly dealt with them while using holograms to make Sojex think he was dead. After her defeat, Lockdown was contacted by Creators with a job on Earth.