Hailstorm TF2010 boxart

Before the war, Hailstorm used to belong to some of the same weapons clubs as Ironhide. So now that the Decepticon is at large, the only Autobot who knows through experience how dangerous Hailstorm can be has his mind set on bringing him to justice.

However, the Autobots might have overestimated Hailstorm a little. Sure, he's got more firepower than he knows what to do with. And unlike others like him, is smart enough to know his head from his reactor linkage. But what Hailstorm has in brawns and brains, he lacks in talent. Once you get past the larger-than life rocket launchers perched on his shoulders, he's actually very clumsy and uncoordinated, and he knows this. About the only tactic Hailstorm is capable of is unloading everything he has at his enemies and hope they're too busy getting blown up to chase after him as he flees the battle.