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Grimlock is a member of the Dinobots who appears in Transformers : Age of Extinction & Transformers : The Last Knight. He is adressed as a "King" by his fellow dinobots, he believes justice is to be attack first and ask questions later in other words "Might for Right". Not concerning with trophies but only glorius victories. His robot mode is a Knight-Esque apperence and armed with a powerful mace-staff.

Dinobot Grimlock

Transformers : Age of Extinction (2014)Edit

While on Lockdown's ship, Grimlock was briefly seen when Lockdown was imprisoning and talking to Optimus Prime. It was later revealed by Lockdown that this place is the prison for the Legendary Knights, which were the Dinobots. Later, when the Autobots, Cade Yeager, and Shane Dyson arrived to rescue Optimus and Tessa, Hound flew this prison away(since it was a detachable part of the ship) and sent the Autobots to a trainyard while Crosshairs and Bumblebee were fighting against Lockdown's mercenaries. Later, when the ship arrived at Hong Kong and was ready to pick up KSI's CEO, Joshua Joyce, and the Seed, a Trax arrived and shot the ship, sending it pummeling towards the nearby Wulong Valley. Soon, Optimus freed the Dinobots and asked for their assistance to the Autobots. Grimlock, however, refuses and began attacking Optimus. Within minutes, Optimus beat the giant warrior, and Grimlock decided to join forces. Then, the Dinobots and the Autobots led a widespread rampage in which destroyed most of Galvatron's forces. After the rampage, Lockdown returned and attempted to retrieve Optimus, Grimlock, and the others with a giant magnet. However, Optimus saved the day by shooting towards the magnet. Later, his efforts were focused on blocking a bridge so that Galvatron cannot get the Seed. After the battle, Grimlock and his Dinobots left the Autobots with good terms, running off to the countryside during sunset.

Transformers : The Last Knight (2017) Edit

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