Divebomb has a problem.

(Cue high-hat riff)

Despite being an intelligent tactician, an excellent aerial combatant, and an otherwise model Decepticon, his reactor containment module is defective, so wherever he goes, toxic fumes go with him, and circuit-scrambling radiation waves constantly leak out.

In short, he is a smelly loser whom no one likes.

Originally an unhappy aerial surveyor before the war broke out, Divebomb joined the Decepticons with much gusto. When he’s not stinking up the place, he prefers to perch high up in the sky and wait as long as it takes for just the right moment to strike unsuspecting Autobots. Mind you, considering how long it takes for him to spring into action, Starscream doesn’t hold him in high regard. However, he’s quite pleased at how quickly Divebomb can blast open a fleeing spaceship.

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