Dewbot is a Mountain Dew Robot covert infiltration agent specializing in heavily trafficked human installations. You could walk by him, even stop and touch him, and never know you'd interacted with a Transformer.

Disguised as a large vending machine, he is effectively invisible to humans who are used to seeing them everywhere. The moment humans' backs are turned, Dewbot engages his whisper-mode transformation sequence and continues on his mission. The result is quite similar to Bugs Bunny disguising himself as a bush.

Dewbot's robot mode has four arms canted front and rear, affording him an almost spider-like dexterity. Magnetic grapplers on his feet allow him to scale walls and even ceilings. He is strong enough to shatter 3-inch steel with his bare hands. Completing the illusion of his alternate mode, Dewbot is capable of dispensing original Mountain Dew or Mountain Dew: Code Red.

Dewbot's craft relies on remaining undetected; he has no on-board armaments, and his land speed is below average. He cannot see in the dark.

He also enjoys the lost art of dance, often taking time in the middle of a mission to strut his stuff.

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