Deadguy died.

Foundation1 Deadguy

Fiction Edit

IDW Transformers movie comics Edit

Deadguy was among the assembled Autobots who witnessed the launch of the Nemesis into space, in the opening stages of the war that would soon consume Cybertron. Later, he was part of the Autobot strikeforce that ventured into Simfur with the mission of bringing Sentinel Prime's "torch" into contact with the AllSpark. Megatron confronted the team, but Deadguy was fortunate enough to survive the encounter with the Decepticon leader. Scant hours later, however, he joined Optimus Prime, Ironhide, Elita-One, and Cannonfodder in an attack on Megatron's citadel, and met his end at the hands of a huge Decepticon battalion that barred their way. Elita-One then tried to dissuade Ironhide from continuing with the mission, showing him Deadguy's corpse as an example of what would happen to him and Optimus Prime if they pressed on, but her pleas fell on deaf ears.

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