Cyber Missions Barricade

Cyber Missions 6 is the sixth episode of Transformers: Cyber Missions.

Synopsis Edit

Sideswipe is in pursuit of Barricade and his partner, Frenzy, on Interstate 95 in Scramble City. Barricade stops at a secure facility and uses a hologram of a police officer to fool a face-recognition scanner to gain access to the building. Once inside, Frenzy hacks into the computer system. Sideswipe sneaks up on them and attacks Frenzy, crumpling the little Decepticon into a ball. Barricade taunts Sideswipe, but Sideswipe plays it cool, so the Decepticon then throws the balled-up Frenzy at Sideswipe, who bounces him back. Barricade attacks, and the two of them struggle until Barricade uses a coolant line to freeze Sideswipe to a computer bank. The Decepticons leave with stolen N.E.S.T. defense deactivation codes. Sideswipe breaks off one of his cybertanium blades while freeing himself.

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Quotes Edit

"Oh, Sideswipe. I expected a bigger Autobot."

"Think of me as economy sized, Barricade."

Barricade taunts Sideswipe

Barricade: "Frenzy?"

Frenzy: "SWIPE!"

Barricade: "What happened to you?"


Frenzy attempts to warn Barricade about Sideswipe.

Notes Edit

Animation or technical errors Edit

  • The Walmart site claims that this episode has Optimus and Sideswipe team up, however Optimus only provides narration at the beginning and doesn't appear in person.

Continuity errors Edit

  • Frenzy was last seen reduced to a head which was in the possession of Seymour Simmons during the events of Revenge of the Fallen. He was probably included to promote the Human Alliance figure of Barricade.
  • It is said that the Autobots are fighting to keep the AllSpark away from the Decepticons, but the AllSpark was destroyed before Sideswipe arrived. It's possible they were talking about the small fragment the Autobots may have had left after Jetfire's resurrection.

Transformers references Edit

  • The location is not given in the animation itself but is said to be Scramble City on Walmart Canada's website.
  • The Autobots are said to be fighting to defend the AllSpark from the Decepticons.

Foreign dubbing Edit


  • Original airdate: May 30, 2010

Latin American Spanish

  • Title: "Ciber Misiones 6" ("Cyber Missions 6")
  • Original airdate: 11 October 2010 (Official airdate)

Trivia Edit

  • Decepticons must not have very good peripheral vision, as Sideswipe manages to sneak up on and mangle Frenzy without Barricade even noticing, in spite of him being right next to them.