Cyber Missions 5 is the fifth episode of Transformers: Cyber Missions.

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ROTFIronhide with Energon CyberMissions5

Lost in the jungle after his altercation with Bludgeon, Ironhide stumbles on a cave which his sixth sense tells him is important. He ventures inside.

Back at N.E.S.T. HQ, Bumblebee reports that they lost contact with Ironhide when he went into the cave. Optimus Prime heads for the position to investigate, and Bumblebee conducts a scan of the area, which reveals that it's rich in energon deposits.

Ironhide has been hypnotised by Decepticon fugitive Mindwipe, who orders him to gather up all of the energon. Before this can happen, Optimus appears and blasts Mindwipe off the ceiling. Mindwipe is indignant at being interrupted, but Optimus punctuates the interruption with his fist and tries to talk Ironhide out of the hypnosis. Meanwhile, Mindwipe tries to put the voodoo on the Autobot leader as well, but Optimus fights it and uses his truck horn to break Mindwipe's concentration. Mindwipe transforms to escape, but is promptly blasted by Optimus. Ironhide finally snaps out of the trance, only to experience befuddlement at what has happened.

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"What treachery is this? Who dares to trespass in my energon sanc—" [is punched in the face]


"Uh, did I miss something? Seriously. Prime? It's a party, right?"


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Continuity errors Edit

  • Prime's ion blaster disappears while Mindwipe tries to hypnotize him.

Continuity notes Edit

  • Ironhide's battle with Bludgeon took place in "Cyber Missions 2".

Foreign dubbing Edit


  • Original airdate: May 17, 2010


  • Title: "Ciber Misiones 5" (America, "Cyber Missions 5")
  • Original airdate: 4 October 2010 (Official airdate)

Trivia Edit

  • This episode, along with episode 6, was released on Walmart Canada's website more than a month before it was put up on the Hasbro site.
  • Starting with this one, TG Studio's credit sequence was added to the end of each episode.