Ironhide Cyber Missions

Cyber Missions 2 is the second episode of Transformers: Cyber Missions.

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Bumblebee has confined Soundwave inside a vacuum-sealed electromagnetic bubble, where his sonic weaponry is useless.

Ironhide is tracking Bludgeon through the jungles surrounding N.E.S.T. headquarters. Optimus Prime orders him to avoid confrontation until reinforcements arrive. Ironhide engages camouflage in order to remain hidden, and it's so effective that Bludgeon runs right into him. Ironhide doesn't mind, as he wants to finish Bludgeon on his own.

They exchange insults and fight each other to a draw. Ironhide invites Bludgeon to join the Autobots, but Bludgeon refuses out of fear of Megatron and jumps off of a cliff to escape.

NOTE: While the events of this episode play out, a data track recording narrated by Optimus Prime recaps pertinent events from Cyber Missions 1.

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Bumblebee taunts the vacuum-silenced Soundwave.

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Continuity errors Edit

  • In the first Cyber Mission, when Ironhide was pursuing Bludgeon, he already had his "Recon Ironhide" toy's zebra-stripe camouflage. He begins this episode in his "Recon Ironhide" body but in a made-up color scheme.
  • So, the ancient "datatrax of Vector Sigma" which Alpha Trion preserved and the Decepticons couldn't get... tell about the present? Weird.

Transformers references Edit

  • Ironhide color changes into his "Recon Ironhide" deco by engaging camouflage.

Foreign dubbing Edit


  • Original airdate: March 17, 2010

Latin American Spanish

  • Title: "Ciber Misiones 2" ("Cyber Missions 2")
  • Original airdate: 13 September 2010 (Official airdate)