CyberMissions10 Starscream

Cyber Missions 10 is the tenth episode of Transformers: Cyber Missions.

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Mindwipe has accepted Starscream's leadership. In a remote jungle area, Mindwipe hypnotizes and interrogates Jack, who tells him that Sideswipe and Ratchet are transporting the Energon over a mountain road. Starscream wants the Energon to secure leadership of the Decepticons. Mindwipe also wants it for himself.

Optimus Prime warns Sideswipe and Ratchet that they are being tracked. Starscream and Mindwipe attack. Mindwipe attempts to hypnotize them, but Sideswipe counters with the power of rock and roll from his satellite radio. While Mindwipe writhes in pain, Sideswipe holds off Starscream while Ratchet pushes Mindwipe and the trailer of Energon over the cliff. Starscream is beating up Sideswipe when he notices the Energon falling and goes after it. Mindwipe begs for Starscream to save him, but Starscream grabs for the Energon instead. Ratchet blasts the Energon with his EMP causing it to explode. Starscream flies off, and Ratchet and Sideswipe look for a place to hide.

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"The noise, it hurts!"

Mindwipe's reaction to loud music.

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Continuity notes Edit

  • In The Veiled ThreatIronhide said that refined Energon was very stable and wouldn't easily explode. He also hinted that naturally occurring Energon might exist on Earth, but the Autobots hadn't searched for it at that point.

Foreign dubbing Edit


  • Original airdate: September 7, 2010

Latin American Spanish

  • Title: "Ciber Misiones 10" ("Cyber Missions 10")
  • Original airdate: 4 October 2010 (First airdate)

Trivia Edit

  • Like some previous episodes, this one was released onto YouTube by Hong Kong Toys R Us well before appearing on Hasbro's site.