ReignofStarscream4 Crosshairs
TF2010 Crosshairs instructions

Some might call Autobot armorer and weapons master Crosshairs overcautious, while others might call him a huge pain in the skidplate, but Crosshairs knows that he controls a vast armory that could be incredibly dangerous in the wrong hands. Thus, he sees it as his duty to protect it with his impenetrable filing system and his incessant demands for request forms - in triplicate.

Should the need to use this powerful arsenal ever arise, Crosshairs is a stickler when it comes to how all this weaponry should be used. He demands that every single unit of ammunition be monitored, dislikes it whenever a shot, blast, or discharge goes to waste, and is quite slow when it comes to combat. As a result of this, however, he's an extremely skilled and precise marksman, and is capable of fighting the fight longer due to his very conservative ammo consumption.

He is sometimes partnered with Sergeant Cahnay.

DOTM-HA Crosshairs SergeantCahnay

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