Universe-ROTF-toy BlastOff
The arrogant Combaticon Blast Off prefers solitude to the company of his fellow Decepticons. He holds the function of "astronaut", which is odd for someone who turns into a tank—you'd expect him to be a space shuttle or something.

Blast Off can merge with the other Combaticons to form the gigantic Bruticus Maximus.


  • Bruticus Maximus (2009)
    • Accessories: Energon Gun-radar/hand, Decepticon-type energon star
Revenge of the Fallen Blast Off is a redeco of Energon Blight and Kickback, transforming into an anti-aircraft tank similar to a Gepard. He was available with the Revenge of the Fallen Bruticus Maximus giftset, and when combined with the other Combaticons, Blast Off forms a limb. He is decorated with both his initials and a five-pointed star.