Transformed4 agoracer gaias

Agoracer is an Autobot of mysterious origins.

He appears to share a common origin with the Decepticon Agoraptor; both of them speak a Cybertronian dialect the Earthbound Autobot and Decepticons do not, both suffer from the same design flaw that causes their scanner to melt while entering Earth's atmosphere, and of course, both came to Earth because of the same legend or prophecy. (Agoraptor to enact it, Agoracer to stop it.) Little else is known of his past beyond a sad reference to his many fallen friends.

Upon arriving on Earth, Agoracer displayed a keen interest in Earth pop culture, sprinkling his communications with references to actors, singers and celebrities.

Agoracer is almost endlessly patient and persistent, never giving in to despair no matter how long or hard the journey ahead may be.

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